“If a child is given love, he becomes loving.”
– Dr. Joyce Brothers


Ages 3 months – 1 year

Our preparatory programs are thoughtfully created to inspire a curiosity for life and learning.

The Seedlings Classroom

Ages 3 months – 1 Year

Our dedicated teachers will lovingly nurture your baby and ensure they are safe and secure as we encourage their development. We will help them:

  • Begin to identify and use their senses through sensory play.
  • Talk, sing, and incorporate sound recognition throughout the day.
  • Encourage expression through movement.
  • Strengthen muscles in their body by learning to setup, crawl, and pulling up.
  • Providing a fun environment that encourages them to explore.
  • Follow a curriculum that exposes them to words and learning objectives as they grow.



The Elsie Academy is open from 7:30am – 6 pm. We offer fulltime and part-time enrollment. You may enroll your child full-time, Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 6 pm or part-time Monday – Friday 8:30am – 2 pm. We do not offer extended afterschool childcare.

What will my childs schedule be?

Your child’s classroom schedule will depend on their age group. However, each age group will have the following daily schedule and activities; A set curriculum, lunch time, snack time, nap time, outdoor play time, structured learning time, enrichment clubs and hands on learning time.

Do you provide milk?

Each child has different dietary needs. It is especially important that babies continue to drink the milk they are accustom to. Parents are required to provide milk and baby food. This is to ensure the safety of your child while in our care. If you breast feed, please provide enough milk for the day.

What safety measures are in place?

The Elsie Academy goes above and beyond to ensure the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of your child.

We follow a strict company standard for checking-in and checking-out each child. Our doors remain locked during our hours of operations. Only parents and staff will have access to our school. We use a specialized software for parent access to the building and childcare classrooms. Parents are required to have photo identification at point of pick up, including any person who is authorized on the parent pick-up list. Our teachers are trained professionals to handle incidents that may occur in event of an emergency. Further monitoring is done with our cameras placed in the classrooms and around our building.

Environmental Cleanliness
We know the importance of keeping illnesses at a minimum and we do our best to maintain a clean environment and adhere to our sick policy. Our staff have completed mediatory training in handwashing, daily room cleaning, equipment cleaning and general health and safety requirements.

Redirecting Techniques
We practice redirecting techniques and positive affirmations. At The Elsie Academy child discipline is an important part of helping children understand boundaries and practicing self-control. We have a current discipline and expulsion policy, which outlines our comprehensive discipline procedures that includes developmentally appropriate social – emotional and behavioral health promotion practices.

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